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Eldorado Fortress Redux


Decision on Our Ability to Produce this Project

Dear LM71Blackbird,

First and foremost, thank you for creating the Eldorado Fortress Redux project on LEGO® Ideas.

Your project either requests the re-release of a discontinued LEGO product, or it suggests a modification/improvement to an existing or past LEGO set. Unfortunately, this is not something we allow on LEGO Ideas. 

LEGO Ideas is set up for you to submit your own new and original ideas to be considered as potential LEGO products; we cannot bring back products which are no longer available, and we can’t consider projects that simply recommend we modify or improve existing or past products.

While members may base their creations on past themes, we do not allow members to request bringbacks, modifications or re-releases of past sets. Submissions must be entirely new creations on a past theme and not related to a past LEGO set. For instance, it's acceptable to use the general theme colours and design style, but not create an updated version of a past set.

We’re very sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment this might cause you. Since keeping a project like this active could create false expectations, we’ve archived your project. It will remain visible on LEGO Ideas and visible via the direct URL, but in an archived status where it can no longer be supported or receive comments. 

For further information on what projects can be considered, see the Acceptable Project Content section of the Project Guidelines and House Rules.

Thank you for submitting this project and for sharing your model and concept for consideration, and we wish you success with future projects.

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