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Eldorado Fortress Redux


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Eldorado Fortress. A beloved set the world over by many a LEGO Classic Pirate fan. My recreation expands upon the old revered set and I believe improves some of the play features and design elements. A full brick built and detailed rock formation sits underneath an enlarged an updated version of the classic Bluecoat Fortress of Governor Broadside.

Enlarging the build allows for the ability to move some of the facilities underground in the fully accessible basement which includes a kitchen, storage area, sleeping quarters and prison. Hours of fun can be had recreating moments from your childhood or newcomers creating brand new moments of their own.

The governor remains ever watchful from the high watchtower with his Lieutenant overseeing the handling of the cargo. All the while the pirates are trying to escape from prison!

My model includes approximately 3000 bricks. Includes 8 minifigures and has a full playable interior with removable sections for easy play access.

Thanks for checking out my latest build and please support today to make this build a reality!

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