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Medieval Watermill

Thank you for having a closer look at my Medieval Watermill. The Castle theme was always my favourite as a child growing up. It captured my imagination and led to me creating a huge and expansive world within my 7-year-old mind. As I grew older my attention moved away from catapults and castles, to inns, farms and mills and ended up with me taking a degree in archaeology!

I wanted to develop a more balanced world which ended up with me creating this model.
I always like to create models which are highly playable (thinking back to what the 7-year-old me would have wanted), so this model includes lots of different sections which can either be lifted off, swung open or disconnected.

The waterwheel itself is connected using LEGO technic pieces, so as the wheel turns, cogs rotate, axels spin and stone grinds the corn into the best quality flour. I thought this was a must for a build of this type. I tried to add texture and tone to the river itself and a couple of leaping salmon, just to add some detail. The tower has two raised doors, where the transported grain can be quickly taken to the millstone. I built an 'early' crane type vehicle to help the owners winch the boxes up.

The first floor of the building is devoted to the milling of grain. There is a front door where customers can come and pick up their freshly ground flour, crates for storage and a work bench. As we move to the first floor we have a kitchen, with a tiled floor, a chair and desk for our hard-working family. The attic area is where is can find the bed. On top of the roof, you can find a weather vane, so the mill owner knows what weather is coming his way.

Around the outside, I have included a small allotment, flower beds, a chicken coup and an apple tree full of delicious apples. There are also hens and a pig which you would expect a family of this size to home. There is also a pet cat hiding in the flowers.

In this set, I have included four minifigures. I wanted to make this into a family, so I have included the grandfather, the mill owner, his wife and their mischievous child.

I believe this would make a great LEGO set as it would be highly playable and gives another dimension to the middle-aged villages we all loved.

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