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The Giant Squid

this giant squid was created with the help of 1333 Pieces, it has 2 large tentacles as well as 6 small others I tried to reproduce it in reality

It can reach large dimensions: according to recent estimates, females measure up to 13 meters while males reach 10 meters from the hind fins to the tips of the two long tentacles. The mantle is about 2 meters long, and the length of the squid excluding its tentacles rarely exceeds 5 meters.

The giant squid lives at depths that exceed 500 meters and only ends up on the surface or suffers a grounding on a beach on very rare occasions. In ancient times, testimonies of an encounter with such strange animals often had to be stifled by disbelief or may have been the origin of popular beliefs, such as that of the kraken of Scandinavian mythology.

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