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"Big Boy" Locomotive


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The Big Boy is back!

… and I’m not talking about me!

As 10,000 of you already know, my model of the Union Pacific “Big Boy” was unfortunately not approved in review back in June. So here I am again, with a functional, motorized, more detailed, and better model of the Union Pacific “Big Boy” no. 4014!

No. 4014

Wait a minute… wasn’t the previous one called “4006”? Yes, it was and that was a mistake. See, I didn’t realize that Union Pacific had just restored the No. 4014 and sent it across the US. So quite a lot of my supporters were bummed that I hadn’t called it 4014. I’m glad to inform you that the new model is based on the No. 4014!

Make way for the Big Boy!

Spanning 40 meters (132 ft) and weighing 543 tons (1,198,500 lb), The Union Pacific 4014 has been given the accurate nickname “Big Boy”. The steam locomotive produces a mind-boggling 7000 horsepower and to this date holds the record for the largest and most powerful steam locomotive in the world! The Big Boy is quite a spectacle too, with the numerous mechanical valve gears spinning and plumes of steam and smoke blasting out from every little hole. 

The LEGO model is just as impressive as the real thing. My number one priority from the beginning has been to make the train fully functional and compatible with standard LEGO tracks. To make such a beast turn on LEGO’s tight tracks, all the wheel sets articulate individually, just like the real thing. The rear 8-wheel section is connected by a single technic axle that runs up to the motor, thus allowing this wheel set to articulate while providing drive to the wheels (unlike the first version that had a fixed wheel set in the back).

All in all, seeing 2312 pieces smoothly navigating tight LEGO curves is insane!

The perfect LEGO set

Okay, hear me out, especially you LEGO designers. Here are a few reasons why this Union Pacific “Big Boy” model would be the perfect LEGO Ideas product:

  1. At least 10,000 people would like the “Big Boy” to become an official LEGO set, as it has previously achieved support. Big thanks to all my supporters!
  2. One of the most commented things on my previous model was: “We NEED more LEGO trains!”. I agree. The Crocodile locomotive was great, but it is retired now which leaves us with either LEGO City trains (that aren’t IP based) or the Collector Edition Hogwarts Express (which is beautiful by the way) that isn’t minifigure scale. My Big Boy model is minifigure scale, it is motorized and fits right into the 18+ category of products.
  3. LEGO loves big iconic things like the Titanic, the Colosseum, the Boeing 787, etc. What about the biggest steam train ever?
  4. The Union Pacific no. 4014 has been on multiple excursions since 2019. More than 1,000,000 people went to see the Big Boy in 2019 alone! It’s an absolute rockstar! So, is there a market for the model? Clearly.
  5. LEGO has done American IP based trains before like the Santa Fe and BNSF. So why not Union Pacific? UP even wrote an article for their internal newspaper about my Big Boy model, so surely they must have some interest? And the IP is also cleared on Ideas, obviously.
  6. The fan base. I had never expected such a dedicated fan base, providing feedback, support, positivity, and placing orders (they would if they could at least)! People want this model to happen, and so do I! Here are some examples of awesome supporters:

“This MUST be released as a set before my son's birthday on 1st August!!” - Serileigh

“STUNNING. I would line up to buy this on day 1” - Heymanhn

“I will definitely be purchasing this if it gets released as well. Great design! The real thing was supposed to be in my town on tour this month, but got recommissioned to help with the supply chain issues. A true icon.” - Allmxedup

As Allmexed up said: A true icon.

Stay Tuned for updates

This time I will try and be more engaging with my supporters. You all deserve it! I will therefore be posting updates when I have something to show or tell. The next step for me will be ordering parts and building the thing! Stay tuned, and I hope you like what you see.


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