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Lifeguard's Shack


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Inspired by beautiful Miami Beach this set is called to bring the warmest and brightest feelings. I always loved how beautiful some of the lifeguards houses are. They are so bright and colorful - just like real life size Lego bricks, so why wouldn't we take these cute things into Lego world? :)   



This set consists of 540 pieces. It includes lifeguard's shack with beautiful deck around it, detailed exterior and interior. The roof is fully removable and it also features an openable hatch in it. There are also a water bike and a surf board for minifig fun! Enjoy the sun and snacks on the beach!


     Spot the difference

Hope you guys like the mini game I made for you :). Let me know how many you were able to find!  


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Hope you like the idea and design, please vote, share and leave comments! :)

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