Product Idea

Rescue Rangers!

Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers 

Watching this colorful classic as a kid I dreamed to be a member of their brave team and face breakneck adventures daily! Pretty sure so did many of you :) Time passes by and here is another great childhood memory that inspired me to build this idea!

About The Build

This idea consists of close to 500 pieces and features all 5 members of Rescue Rangers team and their iconic aircraft built by Gadget :) Also there is a stand designed to look like a part of a tree and a ladder for balancing the plane and extra play-ability. 
In this build I used only existing molds with some recolors and custom prints!  

Easter Egg

Those who follow me know that every MOC I make features an Easter Egg! If you were able to find it - leave a comment :)


I've put as much love and nostalgia in this creation as I could. This cartoon is very special to me and this time I'm not setting a goal to reach 10k since I'm not even sure it can pass a moderation, so basically if you're reading this - I'm already one happy guy behind a screen!