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Ch-Ch-Ch-Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers!


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Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers 

Watching this colorful classic as a kid I dreamed to be a member of their brave team and face breakneck adventures daily! Pretty sure so did many of you. Nowadays you can easily turn on any episode and whenever you wish to watch it on Disney+. But most probably the memories of running home like crazy to be on time by the start of the show and playing with friends afterwards imagining ourselves to be Rescue Rangers inspired me to create this little thing.

About The Build

This idea consists of close to 500 pieces and features all 5 members of Rescue Rangers team and their iconic aircraft built by Gadget :) My main goal was to make it work both as a display set and something that kids can play with, so I've made an easy-mounting stand which allows to literally in a couple of seconds turn it from a display kinetic sculpture into a fairy aircraft that kids can enjoy flying throughout a living room! :)    

Those of you who loved the early design of a tree stand would love to know that it can easily be redesigned to work with a new mechanism! 

In this build I used only existing molds with some recolors and custom prints!  

Easter Egg

Those who follow me know that every MOC I make features an Easter Egg! If you were able to find it - leave a comment :)


I've put as much love and nostalgia in this creation as I could. By the time of writing this RR already got more than 2300 votes and I was happy to hear from you guys there are my coevals whose kids are in love with this show today! It inspires me to update and improve this project :)

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