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Fawlty Towers Hotel


Club Brick YouTube Channel Feature

Hi everyone, thanks so much for all your support. We are more than half way there to reaching 1000 supporters.

My project was featured on the Club Brick YouTube Channel. They did a great showcase of it, so feel free to check out their channel and like the video. They are also on Facebook, Instagram and Discord too.


A few more iconic scene recreations

Thanks so much to those who have supported my project so far. Here are a few more iconic Fawlty Towers scene recreations within my build. I have added the Gnome too, because I received a few requests for him to be included.


New Minifigures!

I have added a few more minifigures to be included in my project: Miss Tibbs, Miss Gatsby, Mr O'Reilly and Sybil in her golfing outfit.


Basil's Car

Thanks to everyone who has supported so far! Many of you requested that I make Basil's car, so here it is:

Also here's another higher quality image of Manuel's bedroom:



''It's a rat!'' ''No no no no it hamster!''

Basil the Rat


Updated Minifigures

Hi everyone, I have just updated my Basil Fawlty, Manuel, Major and Terry minifigures and Manuel's rat. I have also included some higher quality renders of my other included minifigures, including Polly, Sybil, Mrs Richards and Manuel in his bath robe.

I hope you all enjoy, Please share this project with your friends and family!

Manuel, Basil the rat, Basil fawlty, the Major and Terry

Polly, Manuel (alternate design), Sybil Fawlty

Mrs Richards and Manuel (bath robe)

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