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Eis Café

Hello everybody 
I built a new MOC with a lot of work. It is an ice café. It is the first time that I uploaded a MOC here on LEGO Ideas.

On this picture you can see the house from the front. I used different colors, so that it does not look so uniform but more exciting. My MOC has a size of 30 studs and a width of 18 studs. 

Looking at the back, you will immediately notice a large staircase leading to the apartment on the 2nd floor. I also built a small shelter for the garbage cans. 

There is of course also an interior. I built a counter with two people. Also, there are a few seats for people that want to eat their ice. A small fireplace in the corner provides coziness and warmth.

The apartment offers space for a bed, a small kitchenette and a table. A bedside lamp allows a relaxing evening of reading in the bed.

If you like this MOC, I would appreciate it, if you could support it now. What do you think about? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

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