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Modular Office Building With Shops

I was inspired to add another custom building to my Lego town, as I wanted to include a place of business similar to the ones in which I’ve been working for most of my adult life.  Most modern office buildings include a retail area on the main floor that’s open to the public and the building's tenants, with office space rented out on the other floors.  This ensures a steady clientele comprised of tenants and pedestrian foot traffic for those businesses.
My design includes a retail area on the main floor, currently occupied by a burger joint and a coffee shop.  The upper floors have an open, mezzanine-like design, allowing light to pass uninterrupted through the curved transparent ceiling all the way down to the ground floor. There is access to the businesses via both the street and the building's interior, including a siding door for the restaurant.  There is a small seating area in the middle of the concourse, as well as a public restroom and ATM.   A staircase and manually-operated elevator allow access to the upper floors.
The first floor features a modern office design, including shared workspaces and a separate boardroom for meetings.  Access to these areas is controlled via security panels located next to each door.  There is a fully-equipped employee kitchen at the rear of the floor, a multimedia printer/copier, a water cooler and staircase access to the ground and second floors.

The second floor features a large training/multimedia room and the manager's office; security panels once again control access to these areas.  The office features a large desk with blotter, various files, a computer, a filing cabinet and seating for three.  The training room features a desk and chair for the instructor, a cabinet with a largescreen display, and seating and workstations for four students.  There is elevator and staircase access to the lower floors, as well as a maintenance room with a service hatch to the roof, provided for maintenance purposes.
The roof features access panels for repairs to the elevator, a large HVAC system with maintenance doors, as well as a cellular/microwave antenna array. 

Ground Floor:
-          Coffee shop with mall and street access
-          Burger joint with a sliding door for mall access, as well as street access
-          Public restroom
-          ATM
-          Elevator and staircase access to upper floors

First Floor:
-          Access controlled by security doors
-          Boardroom with conference table, 4 chairs, a small table and a digital projector
-          Shared workstations with room for 4 employees, with chairs, computers and a table
-          Filing cabinets with a multimedia office printer/copier
-          Employee kitchen with refrigerator, microwave, toaster, sink and single-pod coffee maker
-          Elevator and staircase access to upper and lower floors

Second Floor:
-          Access controlled by security doors
-          Manager’s office with desk, computer, three chairs and filing cabinet
-          Training/multimedia room with seating for 4 employees and one instructor
-          Elevator and staircase access to lower floors
-          Ladder with maintenance hatch access to roof

-          HVAC system with interior detailing
-          Access hatch for elevator “repairs”
-          Cell/microwave antenna array

-          Barista
-          Short order cook and Server
-          Maintenance person
-          Office Manager
-          Office Employees / Civilians
Thank you for your support!

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