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Railroad Rotary Snowplow


If have snow on tracks restricting trains from getting through, then it is time to call in the rotary snow plow. This beast of a machine will make quick work of any snow piles and finish just in time for the morning express. Powered by the lego power functions motor, this plow wont stop until the battery runs out. For those who remember the original lego train track snow remover from 1999, consider this a small walk down memory lane but on a larger scale. The rotating blade is directly linked to the front truck while the motor drives the rear one (can be seen in the second picture). The tender houses the sensor and battery pack for the locomotive. To tie it all up, a cozy caboose follows behind to provide warmth and shelter to the operating crew.

The design for the model was inspired by rotary snowplow No. 1 used on the White Pass and Yukon Railroad. The unit was built in 1898 by the Cooke Locomotive and Machinery Company and helped the railroad with clearing heavy accumulations of snow, which could reached up to 12 ft. In 1965 the snowplow was retired from service, but it saw use again in 2001 after restoration for a ceremonial run. It currenlty reside by the Skagway Depot in Skagway, Alaska.

The set includes:

1) Self Propelled Rotary Snowplow

2) Oil Tank Tender

3) Caboose

4) 2 minifigures

5) Power Functions for ready to run use



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