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The Iron Giant


This project is based upon the cult classic film The Iron Giant. First released in 1999, it was and still is groundbreaking. It’s loved by young and old alike, including me. I’ve seen it probably 40 times throughout my life.

This project includes Hogarth Hughes with his air rifle, and the Iron Giant with changeable eyes, and an “S” sign that fits on his chest.  The head and jaw, arms, legs, feet, and hands are all poseable to achieve classic scenes from the movie, along with anything you can imagine!

With 1369 pieces, this would make a great, and challenging build for any fan of The Iron Giant.

It has always been my dream to see an Iron Giant set, and I’m not alone. I know this idea has been done before, but together, we can make it come true.

Thank you,

Beacon Studios 

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