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The Lion Knights / Crusader Knights King Gregory’s Castle


Castle Construction Log - entry 3

Let the walls go up! On the construction of the physical version of the castle the first part of the building was completed - a "round" hall, to which a secret entrance behind a tree and a sleeping room lead.


Castle Construction Log - entry 2

All necessary bricks have been provided to the construction site, after carefully checking for completeness, the construction of physical version of the castle started - the foundations are ready.


Castle Construction Log - entry 1

The construction of the castle has started, the first hard-won bricks appear on the construction site, we are waiting for the rest from the list to build a physical version of the castle :)


manning the Castle

Seeing the growing support, Sir Grzmik arrives with a squad of knights, armorer and horse breeder, to pick up the construction and man the fortress with his people to wait in the castle for the increase of supporters number and the return of the King ... Thank You All for support and nice words left in the comments, I'll try to do my best to follow good advices :) I hope that Crusaders will get more support to fulfill the prophecy ... Please keep fingers crossed ! Let’s make Lego Castle great again !


arrival of Sir Grzmik

knights on the walls


in the courtyard