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Tram (4 Stud Track)


I decided to make a tram/train that fits of 4-stud track. It has opening doors, seats with room for 8 passengers as well as a drivers cab at each end, 2 rotating 4-wheel bogies on each car. It has a green, white and black colour scheme, for many of the pieces I used do not come in many colours. I do have an LDD file of it.

I believe this would make a good lego set, because it is original, only custom builders have made similar things. It would be very useful for a small train in a lego city, for it is not very tall, wide or too long. Also, curved track it is designed for has small radius curves compared to regular trains. I think that this would be a good set for younger children, because it does not require any inverted or SNOT building techniques. It also has a far lower part count than a regular train you could go and buy at a shop, and has no expensive electronics.

It uses perfectly legal building techniques, for LDD does not permit illegial ones. The wheels are the type used by the trains in the city mining theme, and a few cranes. If you modify the bogies slightly, you can run it on regular track, but it would look odd.

In conclusion, I believe it would be a nice change from expensive, time consuming, bulky trains.

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