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LEGO Starbucks Cafe (Modular)


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Hello All,

This Starbucks Cafe is built on a 32x32plates, which come with 3 floors design (including the roof top). It's design is able to fit in Modular series (at corner) very well. This design had break through from the ordinary modular's series design, with it's specially architecture design, it gives the viewer a futuristic feeling and at the same time it remain the details which an ordinary Starbucks Cafe will has. With this specially architecture design, this modular can be well displayed either individual or join with Lego modular series. 



  1. 32 x 32 plates 
  2. Able to join with Lego Modular series
  3. Apprx. 3000 bricks
  4. Total of 3 floors (Ground floor, first floor and roof top)
  5. Customized Starbucks barista minifigure 


Ground Floor: Outdoor cafe with entrance, indoor seating area, coffee making area and merchants product's shelf

First Floor: Outdoor bar table, indoor seating area, transparent curved stairs to roof top

Roof Top: Outdoor seating area


Thanks for viewing and support :)

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