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Ye Olde Dragon’s Inn


Ye Olde Dragon's Inn featured on youtube!

Big thanks to Club Brick for featuring my Ye Olde Dragon's Inn Lego IDEA

Footage was shot before last project update


Pier update

I've added more detail to the pier.


Project update based on your feedback

I would like to thank all who supported Ye Olde Dragon’s Inn project so far! Also many thanks for positive and constructive feedback. Based on that, I’ve updated project with following features:

-    I’ve added few more accessories and decoration all over the Inn
-    I’ve added wooden planking on the floor (still left some pegs here and there)
-    I’ve added tiles in the hotel and storage room
-    I’ve added more details and points of interest to the roof to break its surface a little bit – mainly some damaged tiles, two skylights and owl nest
-    I’ve unified skin colors of figures to standard yellow where possible (for one character, I didn’t have a face which would have kept the spirit of that character so I left him as he was)

Things from the feedback I was not able to do:

-    Hand model body of water and loose the big water tile
-    Build roof from tiles and planks

Reason for that is that I don’t have bricks and tiles in suitable colors and amount.

Thanks to your feedback Inn looks much better now! Thanks!

I hope you like the update! :)

Please support the project if you like it!


100! Yepeee :)

There is a big celebration here at the Inn. Come and join us as we celebrate 100 supports! :)

Innkeeper thanks all and hopes we can get this party to continue and 1000!

Hope we will see us there! :)


You Innkeeper

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