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Ye Olde Dragon’s Inn


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Join King Frederick’s annual hunt for the golden dragon egg and win recognition and bountiful riches!

This year king sends his most trusted advisor – Lord Regald to personally oversee the event. As every year, heroes and parties gather at the Ye Olde Dragon’s Inn for celebration and preparation.

Enjoy your stay in our Inn and don’t forget … tomorrow hunt begins!

Your Innkeeper


I wanted to design medieval inn which is filled with life, guests and is actually playable. So it’s bigger than usual designs (maybe as big as some castle builds … but I like it the way :) ). Roof and main four windows are removable. If there is cold outside, you can sit next to the fireplace which uses light cube for nice fire effect :) .

As part of the build, there is a tree with sign which points the travelers towards the Inn. Stables are on the right side. Outdoors is filled with life and all kinds of pets (cat, dog, frog, chickens and pig) which are all taken care of by lovely satyr.

As one of the main goals was playability (I have kids :) ), so Inn is big anough to so you can stock your hands inside.

Build has 2 900 (rounded up to hundrets) peaces and uses different part on minifigures, old and new lego figures.

I’ve already done few playtests with my daughter and Inn did well. :)

Project has some major updates based on feedback so some photos already reflect those changes. So don't forget to check updates.

I hope you will like it too :)

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