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Acoustic Drum Kit


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Are you ready to rock!?! Get ready to lay down the beat on the acoustic drum set.

This set features:
  • Two mounted toms
  • One floor tom with a mounted splash cymbal
  • Kick drum with adjustable legs
  • Metallic gold cymbals with adjustable stands
  • Snare drum
  • Hi hat
  • Throne
  • And of course... a cowbell!

Drumming has been a part of my life since adolescence. Even though I haven't always had a kit to play, I always find myself tapping my fingers or my feet to make up a beat. Once a drummer, always a drummer.

The acoustic drum skit is a piece to be proudly displayed in any music lover's home. This set will surely inspire conversations about music genres, musicians, and especially drummers. This build is dedicated to everyone who has ever tapped along to the beat. Drum on!

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