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NASA Voyager 1 & 2


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Hi everyone. Here is another project, another vehicle but this time, I tried to build the iconic Voyager 1 (and 2) probe, which is currently the farthest object (launched by mankind) from the earth.
They were launched in 1977, so 44 years ago, and they are still going further, out in the solar system.

Now, more about the LEGO project: this is built approximately at a 1:26 scale. I think that the antenna and the octagonal shape of the body were the most difficult parts to re-create because of their specific shape (you can see the building technique for the octagonal base on the 8th picture).
Otherwise, I tried to make it as realistic as possible, with details like the tools platform and the power source (6th and 7th pictures).
In my opinion, it would be an excellent display piece, and it is perfectly inline with other LEGO NASA sets such as the Lunar Lander, Saturn V, and more.

I hope you will enjoy this project, and please support it.
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