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Fire Truck Tiller Ladder


LEGO Fire Truck Tiller Ladder

Inspired by US fire trucks (not an exact copy of a real firefighting vehicle).
Six bricks wide construction ideal for LEGO City fans.
I tried to make it look as real as possible.


  • Three firefighters.
  • Front and rear cab with functional doors.
  • Compartment left side - Pressure valves, hose connections, drum for hose, walkie-talkie, megaphone, boxes for breathing mask and oxygen bottles.
  • Compartment right side - Two fire extinguishers, ax, circular saw, hammer, fork key, boxes for breathing mask and oxygen bottles.
  • Two additional ladders on the tiller sides.
  • Six lights on the roof can be adjusted.
  • Large range of platform movement. You can reach very high lego buildings. Two oxygen bottles and place for stickers on the side.
  • Two outriggers for necessary stability during platform operation. 

Bricks total: 585

I hope you will like it :)

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Thank you for all your support and comments.

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