Product Idea

Fire Truck Snorkel

LEGO Fire Truck Snorkel

Inspired by US fire trucks (not the exact copy of real fire truck).
Six bricks wide construction ideal for LEGO City fans.
I was trying to make it look as much real as is possible.


  • Two firefighters.
  • Cabin with function doors.
  • Two additional ladders on sides.
  • Compartment left side - Pressure valves, connection for hoses and drum for hose.
  • Compartment right side - Axe, circular saw, hammer and fork key. Breathing air and breathing mask stored in small boxes in rear area.
  • Big range of motion of the platform. You can reach very high lego buildings. On one side - pipes for water, on the other side - oxygen and place for stickers.
  • Platform - With function side doors. Enough width for one firefighter. Four adjustable lights and water nozzle.
  • Four adjustable legs for necessary stability during operating of the platform. In rear area two joysticks for adjusting the platform.

Bricks total: 538

I hope you will like it :)
Thank you for all your support and comments.