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Pikmin -Planter of Growth-



Hello my sentient Master Builders!

I totally forgot to post it over here on LEGO Ideas but 10/26/2021 was the 20th anniversary of the Pikmin series, and to celebrate such occasion, I made a LEGO stop-motion animation over on my (ポンコツUnits) channel which you can watch via link below. (ᴗˬᴗ)⁾⁾

Thanks to the 1x1 tile eye prints from the Dots line I talked about in my first update, as well as the newly released Lego Alphabet tiles released also from the Dots line, the Pikmin are more expressive than ever!(✪ᗜ✪)

I know I promised to rebuild the planter in my first update, and I thank you all for waiting patiently, but on 11/05/2021, I'll be posting the updated pics of the project as well as release a new stop-motion animation!【LEGO Pikmin】-Planter of Growth(2.0)- 【LEGO Ideas】

Thanks for all the support and I hope you'll enjoy the new look of the build and animation! See you all hopefully soon!!٩(^ᗜ^)۶


Update #1

Hello, my sentient friends!
Thanks for 280 supports!

I'm currently reworking on the planter build so it can hold all of my minifigures as well as be able to remove the top for a better play experience. I still don't have a specific date for when I'll be updating the build as of yet but I hope you can wait just a little bit more for it to arrive. I'm also preparing to make a brand new stop-motion animation so stay on the lookout for that as well. (^◡^)

In the meantime, I was able to acquire a few of the Extra DOTS series 4 packs for my Lego Pikmin.
Look at all those new 1x1 tile eye prints! Now my Pikmin will be able to express themselves even more!
Aren't all the different kinds of personalities beautiful?

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