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Astro-View Towers. NY


Then and Now

My proposal is for a model of the Astro-View Towers as they appeared during the 1964 World's Fair. Unfortunately the project will need LEGO to produce some of their parts in new colours. I am looking at what could be done using the current range of colours. Rather than just change the colours, which makes the towers look odd, I've jumped forward 50 years and made them as they look today. Some of the framework can be seen and the elevators have gone.

Brick Yellow would be the best overall colour for how it looks today (faded paint and rust give the towers a light tan look) but its not available for ever part needed. Surprisingly even greys have proven to be a struggle.

I am now finalising a design (still playing with colours - all light grey or a bit of colour) after which I can order up the parts I need. I'll make a test build and if it all proves well I'll make up a set of build instructions.

Thanks to everyone who has supported and commented. (Click on picture for a larger image)

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