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Astro-View Towers. NY


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Designed by Phillip Johnson and built for the 1964 World's Fair, the Astro-View Observation Towers were part of the New York State Pavilion. The three concrete towers are 226 feet (69 m), 160 feet (49 m) and  85 feet (26 m) high. On the outside of the tallest column there are two elevators called Sky Streaks which transported people from the ground the 64 foot (19.5 m) diameter observation platforms. One Sky Streak served the lower two platforms, and a second served the double platform on the third column.

According to Philip Johnson, the Observation Towers were not part of his original design but added after Governor Rockefeller insisted that the New York State Pavilion be the tallest structure at the Fair. The taller platforms gave fantasic views of all the Pavilions of the World's Fair, the Unisphere which is a 140 foot tall stainless-steel globe and uninterrupted views of the New York City Skyline. The lowest platform was a snack bar.

Although all of the structures at the World's Fair were supposed to be temporary the Govenor paid for the tower's foundations to be permanent. However, at the close of the Fair in 1965 the towers were closed and have stood unused ever since.

The model used 163 pieces, and makes up into a size which fits with the mainstream Architecture range. It has been designed using LDD and I have used the option to use parts in colours which are not currently available for the elevator and roof of each tower.

The most difficult part off the design was the Sky Streak Cables at the rear of the tall tower. I would expect these to be made by cutting the flexible tube to length (which is something LEGO have done with their official sets) however, I did manage to make them up using standard parts - even if it did mean using a couple of minifigure 'lipsticks'!

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