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USPS Post Office


Downsizing USPS!

I've shrunk the original design down considerably without losing any of the appeal. I was even able to add a self service kiosk and outside mail drop which weren't in the original design. Now coming in at 2640 bricks, it should knock about $100 off a retail price! 


LLV Redesign

I've updated the LLV to more accurately reflect the vehicle. Moving the front tires more toward the front greatly improve the aesthetics, but eliminate the option of creating a tapered wheel well. It also allows for one more brick of space which is vital as it allows for a full slide on the bottom. LDD doesn't allow the door to go in the slides even though it fits (I've built it with off colored bricks and will do so with the correct colors once I've accumulated them). Moving the wheels also allowed me to open the doorway on both sides of the vehicle more and allows for the step up actually found on them. With all these positive changes, I'm more than willing to accept the loos of a slope on the front wheels.


Now, I need to figure out how to make custom stickers for LDD. I'm planning on stickers for the entire 4x6 window piece to capture the look of a mail truck's sliding doors, a picture of a LEGO President for the 3x3 tile, postal types and rates for behind the front desk, fire extinguisher and hot case signage in the back, as well as a safety poster for the short hall between the front and the back saying Be Alert: Dog Bites Hurt!


In the mean time I'm actively working on reducing the size of the set without losing any of the design and overall charm of the set. While I love big sets, nearly 3600 pieces is over the top.


Piece count

I forgot to add a piece count. This set as is comes in at 3569. 

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