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What's more fun than a challenging project loaded with play features and also teaches you a bit about how the mail you receive on a daily basis makes its way to you from origin to deliver? Every detail of the equipment and general layout has been captured in LEGO form from the Carrier Case (first devised and put into use by Benjamin Franklin in 1775 as an efficient means of hand sorting mail for every address in town), to the DPS carts and black and orange pallets which are used to transport letters and parcels, and even the high tech equipment like the Passive Adaptive Scanner System (PASS) which allows Mail Clerks to rapidly distribute parcels to the correct routes for delivery!


The U.S. Flag waives proudly from above (and is illuminated through the night via 4 high output LED lamps) as you enter the front of the office as your mail begins its journey to its final destination. If you're in a hurry, there's a convenient mail drop just to the right of the counter along side the P.O. Boxes, or if you need more personal attention. our friendly Mail Clerk is ready to help you with anything you need!


In the back of the office, and lead by the knowledgable direction of their Postmaster, the Letter Carriers are hard at task casing your mail as quickly as they can so they can head out the door to deliver good news and fun surprises right to your door! Be sure to keep your dogs secured because they just love the postman- for lunch! One of our carriers has had a recent run-in with a K9 as you can see be the chunks bitten out of his shirt sleeve...good thing bits of cloth were all which was given up!


Yet another Clerk is manning the secure mail cage. This is where your carrier retrieves his or her accountable mail, such as Certified and Registered letters, to make sure they make it to you in a timely manner! She is also responsible for issuing the Arrow Keys your mailman needs to access community boxes such as those found in neighborhoods without door to door mailboxes and at apartment buildings. She makes sure everyone is able to make it back to the post office too as she issues the credit cards needed to fuel up the LLVs.


Now that the carriers are through casing up the mail, its time to pull all that mail down and load it into the large, orange bins to transport the mail to their mail truck. Once that's done and the mail is staged in sequence in the back of the trucks, we will be hitting the road. See you soon!


Some facts about today's USPS:


Just one day in the life of the

U.S. Postal Service... by the numbers

Each day the Postal Service picks up, processes and delivers millions of letters and packages. No single operation in the world comes close to this level of connectivity to so many households and businesses. Here’s just ONE day in the life of the United States Postal Service. (Figures are averages.)

  • 227.1 million — revenue received, in dollars
  • 5.9 million  — dollars paid to postal employees in salaries and benefits
  • 509 million  — number of mailpieces processed and delivered each day
  • 21.2 million — average number of mailpieces processed each hour
  • 353,000— average number of mailpieces processed each minute
  • 5,890 — average number of mailpieces processed each second
  • 206 million  — pieces of First-Class Mail processed and delivered
  • 7,184 —  number of letter carriers who deliver mail entirely on foot — The USPS Fleet of Feet
  • 122,000 — number of address changes processed
  • 3,630 — number of addresses added to our delivery network
  • 4.1 million — number of people who visit
  • 758,356 —  dollar amount of online stamp and retail sales at
  • 1.5 million —  amount of money spent on postage for Click-N-Ship labels
  • 146,850—  number of Click-N-Ship labels printed
  • 306,930  — number of money orders issued
  • 1.5 million —  dollars spent at self-service kiosks in Post Office lobbies
  • 0 — tax dollars received for operating the Postal Service


An institution that's this much of a staple in the everyday life of so many needs its own LEGO set! Please, help me bring this set to life by supporting my project. Just think, if this set can gain the support (and make it through the approval process) you'll be able to buy one from and have the mailman deliver you the whole Post Office!

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