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Off-Road Pickup - with 4-Speed Gearbox

What is it?
This set displays my new all-terrain pickup, build with technic parts.

What can it do?
It can drive, steer and the most interesting part, it can change gears - remote controlled!
So if you want to go offroad, you select the first gear and you are ready.
But if you have to go fast, just change to fourth gear - and you'll be in time :)

What does it feature?
The pickup comes with a big loading space and an interior
for 4 persons.
It also features a detailed flat-six fake engine.
For off-road use it has double wishbone suspension in the front and rear and
pendular suspension in the rear.
The doors are specially designed so that they do not open when the vehicle
is in rough terrain. It takes some force to open them.
The bodywork can be removed. That means you can also create your own.
And as its heartpiece, it features the 4 speed gearbox.

I build this pickup, because I thought lego fans, especially lego technic fans, would be happy about a
remote controlled offroad vehicle, that even can change gears to
increase the playability. It's also a set for every age group, because older lego fans can build it, while younger fans can play with it.

So if you want this pickup to be a real lego set, just support it and share it with others! :)
Every support helps!

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