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The International LEGO News Show


Based on the series of videos on the LEGO Group's Channel. This is the international, inter phenomenal, wild, untamed, freshly hatched, highly polished, amazingly fantastic, hot hot hot, with the one and only Dan Brickman and the amazingly talented Helen Stone.

This set basically the News Studio including:

  • The Cast's Desk.
  • Built TV camera.
  • Audience's seats.
  • Background screen with printed tile or sticker of the LEGO News Show logo and background.

The Minifigures Included are:

  • Dan Brickman - with alternate face
  • Helen Stone - with alternate face
  • Caemeraman
  • Ace Rider

Extras include:

  • Snappy the dog
  • Selfie Stick
  • Dan's Jetpack with helmet
  • Dan's Cheese and Salami sandwich with hot sauce
  • Coffee mug
  • 2 laptops

An official LEGO creation that must come to reality. An exclusive set to LEGO itself. Bring the news home and make any LEGO minifigure from any theme a guest on the show.

Play with all the extras that Dan has used throughout the episodes!

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