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Adam's 4x4 Extreme Off-Road Adventure


Adam is smart, energetic and playful. He likes skating, music, Cosplay and traveling. Adam always travels with his off-road vehicle. He always carries his skateboard and slingshot whenever he goes for a long vacation.

This brick idea was initiated when I wanted to make a remote-controlled vehicle for the monkey that I built previously. This project features 2 Power Functions L-motors, servo motor, battery box, infrared receiver and a remote for an array of remote-controlled functions, including forward and reverse drive. This project also comes with many interesting accessories such as skateboard, sunglasses and slingshot. It will be a fun set to build and play. Moreover, this set combines the elements of standard and technic bricks. Hope you guys like my idea.

Thanks for reading this and I believe pictures would tell all the stories and thus I keep this article short. Please support this project and help me to share it. Wish you all have a wonderful day.


Comments and questions are welcome.

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