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Santa Fe Super Chief Deluxe Edition

The Super Chief is a legendary Diesel train run by Santa Fe Railway in the late 1900s. Santa Fe was a common sight all around the West Coast back in her day, and her beauty is even now recognized by many. After seeing LEGO's Super Chief I felt inspired to do better. I have constructed an all out Super Chief, complete with most details both large and small. This is also the second in my new series of wide scaled engines and freight. Unlike your typical crammed LEGO trains, this Super Chief crams two minifigures side by side in all rolling stock while somehow still looking normal.

Set includes: 1x Super Chief Diesel, 1x Caboose, and 4x Minifigures. Chief features: detailed interior as well as exterior, opening doors, and space for power functions to be modified into the model. The caboose features detailed interior and exterior, opening stove, canopy capable of holding up to four minifigures, and a coffee table. The pictures are not modified in any way, what you see is either skill or sheer luck of the brick. These are the best quality shots I could manage. The set also has a whopping 2,288 bricks, (track included). It used to have more, but that made it look too nice, so I removed any extra freight and scenery.

I firmly believe this would make an awesome LEGO set in memory of railroads past, as well as a breakthrough in LEGO train dynamics. (Though I have had to re-submit it six times already).

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