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Monorail 2.0

This is the monorail 2.0: It is not only a train - it is a system!

Build your own track like you want it through your city. You can use 4 different types of rails to make the monorail 2.0 best matching for you. Let your train pass curves and height differences easily. Build stations in which the passengers can enter or exit the train. It is your choice if you want to have 4-wide or 6-wide waggons.

To this train: it has 334 pieces, including the three tracks. Inside you can find a ticket machine, place for 5 passengers and the driver. In the first waggon is a place for a bicycle or a wheelchair. The monorail 2.0 glides over this small rail and arrives everywhere because of its flexible wheel system.

I hope you like the monorail 2.0!

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