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Winter Petrol station


"Driving home for Christmas" It is 23 th of December and some people are still on their way to home if they need some rest they can come into this cozy petrol station to have a hotdog or a hot tea.

Winter Petrol station set contains:

The main building with the toilet and lots of details, three parking places  with petrol machines, two cars, a motorbike, a small trailer  and nine exclusive  minifigures including the four workers (to gas station attendants one cook and one cashier)

outside of the building:

you can find a small vending machine a coca cola machine a candy machine two oil cans a fire extinguisher two windscreen washer buckets with brushes a tool chest a broom and a big kettle of coolant.

if we have to stop to refuel then refill ourselves as well and do some last minute shopping. Let's go in.

in the inside there is:

  • a really small kitchen to have some hotdogs or grilled sandwiches.
  • a small fridge full of drinks such as Apple juice Energy drinks and cokes
  • a stand Full of treasures to  girls and women( bracelets, earrings and so on)
  • two shelfs :one full of with candy and chocolates and the another with newspapers (to have something to read on the long journey)
  • and obviously the cash-desk with some vignettes.

Daddy I have to wee-wee!

In the petrol station there is also a small toilet with a sink and and mirror.

some more details:

Winter petrol station is fully decorated with Christmas lights and wreaths.
The main door to the petrol station Can slide to the sides like a real automatic door.

about the vehicles:

  1. there is one red truck who is carrying a small tree
  2. a small yellow car with a stack of wood logs on a red trailer
  3. and a motorbike with some packages on its side

The cars roof are covered with snow and both of them has some Christmas decoration

I really like Christmas and Lego so my favorite boxes are the winter village sets
I plan this set to fit in their atmosphere.

Winter petrol station sets has an absolute "driving home for Christmas" feeling.

if you have some time let's visit us we are open 24 hours and 365 days We wish you a Merry Christmas

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