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Mountain Train Tunnel


About This Project:

This set idea is for a train tunnel through a small mountain for a Lego city. This set is less than 3000 pcs and the base plates that it is built on is 58 studs by 58 studs. The build is very sturdy and can be played with without breaking apart, other than maybe a tree being knocked over or some of the flowers which are easy to fix. The mountain has a path on it that leads to a lookout point with a coin operated telescopic viewer that can spin 360 degrees and angle up or down. There is also a small pond beside the mountain on one side. It has many plants growing around it as well as two frogs on some lily pads. On one side of the mountain is one type of trees and a different type of tree on the other. The one tree that is above the snow level has a bunch of snow sprinkled on it. Under that tree is someone trying to hide behind it. There are lots of little details all over the build that I hope you will discover through the pictures. Even though I am not good at taking and editing pictures but, I think seeing the details is better than anything I could write. 

Play Features:

  • Lego trains can easily fit through the tunnel.
  • The telescopic viewer can spin 360 degrees and angle up and down as needed.
  • Lots of places to pose minifigures or animals.


  • Six minifigures with accessories.
  • Some butterflies and ladybugs.
  • Some animals like a dog, a skunk, some bluejays with a nest, and a couple of frogs.

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Happy Building.


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