Product Idea

Greek Temple

Help ?



I hate doing this but it's a project I care about. This temple is not just another thing I'd like to share, it's something that I always wanted, as a child and as an adult today. I think it would be a win-win situation for LEGO to make a serie based on Antiquity, regarding all the possibilities (vikings, greeks, romans, egyptians, babylonians, chinese, aztecs etc.) and the gameplay. It's also affordable, considering the number of pieces : not too big, not too small. 

So, if you really want to ring a bell in the LEGO group, please, share the temple everywhere ! on socials networks, in the street, in your bathroom and also on the seas.

Also, have a picture of a column that would be lovable in front of the temple.

The 100 update


It seems that more that 100 people are interested in the project so, have a little more details : 

  1. 881 bricks for that set, wich could cost around 80-100€
  2. 24,8cm x 17,6cm, and 15,9 cm in height
  3. Can be the perfet display for your minifigure "Battle goddes" (serie 12) or your "Ocean king" (serie 7)

Why blue and red ? Normally, greek temples where painted with flashy colors (red and blue), but those colors are, regarding today's taste, a little bit too bright. I decided to darken the colors in order to make it look more elegant. 
Why gold in the pediment ? I like gold. But it's not historically accurate.

Inside the temple, I also putted a statue, but it's not useful since I didn't inculde a roof that can be separated from the rest of the building. I might be working on it if there is any demand.
Also, sorry for my english, i'm not a native speaker.