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Autumn Café


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It’s early Autumn.  The air is brisk and the sky is brightly overcast.  Small streaks of sunlight peak through the plump clouds overhead while chilly bursts of an Autumn breeze rustles the crunchy leaves dancing across the sidewalk outside the café.  Inside patrons enjoy the warmth of a well-made, foggy cup of coffee.  They peer out of the windows and wonder - about their past, present, or future.  Entire afternoons float away in coffee cups.  Entire worlds are discovered through headphones, newspapers, or books.  What seemed like another mundane autumn day has transformed into an unforgettable moment inside the warmth and comfort of the Autumn Café.


Dimensions: 10"x10"x5" [built on a 32x32 baseplate]
Number of Pieces: 1,600+


This model was initially designed using LEGO’s Digital Designer program [LDD].  Once the digital model was complete, I purchased the piece inventory and built a tangible model of the design.  The images included with this project are actual images of the physical model.  The exterior design includes benches, trees, foliage, a black bicycle parked in the back, lighting fixtures, a front and back entrance, an outdoor dining area in the front of the café, and a custom sticker which displays the café’s name over both the front and back door. 

The interior includes a fully-detailed café which includes a complete service area with an espresso maker, blender, bar, sink, and a cash register. Tables and chairs are included in the customer dining area along with a newspaper stand, a shelving unit containing merchandise, trash can, wall clock, and even a fire extinguisher to ensure that the café’s safety standards are up to code.  

The roof of the café is built as one single piece attached only by a small number of studs around the top of the café’s wall build.  The entire roof is removable to allow for easy access to the café’s interior.   


This project includes a total of 8 minifigures, all of which are custom minifigures built using preexisting minifigure parts from various sets.  The minifigures included are:
    + Male and Female Barista: the cheerful customers make their job easy
    + The Café Bum: he spends way too much time in cafés reading newspapers
    + The College Kid: he’s listening to music, but he should be studying
    + The Mother and the Daughter: enjoying a treasured afternoon together
    + The Grandmother: She’s in her morning routine. Drop of the grandchildren at school, grab a coffee
    + The Local Songwriter: the town loves when he has time to play outside the café

I hope you enjoy Autumn Café as much as I enjoyed designing and building it.  Thank you so much for visiting my project! Comments, questions, and/or constructive criticisms of this design are very much appreciated.  If you have a few seconds, I would love to know what you think.  If you LIKE this project, please click the support button and help this project succeed.  If you LOVE this project, please click the support button and share this page so that others can help us reach 10,000! This project has no hope of succeeding without your help.  Thank you again and happy building!

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