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Qantas Boeing 747-400

Announced in 1966 the Jumbo was an airplane designed for Pan Am during the jet era with the need of a bigger plane than a 707, capable of a long range travel this massive aircraft was equipped with four engines and a distinctive upper deck in the front that was used for the first class.

As the airlines required them the jumbo got improved on many aspect trough it´s versions, this time the -400 which made the fuselage longer, added winglets and included more efficient engines finally entering into service by the early 90´s.

Model includes retractable landing gear, winglets, 4x engines and it´s based on Qantas livery with plate VH-OJT "Longreach".

Dimentions: 67x62x18 cm

Curious fact: The upper deck of the first 747´s on Pan Am used to be a very luxury first class lounge.

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