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Jason and the Argonauts: Duel with the Hydra

I have heard there is a tree at the end of the world... with a fleece of gold hanging in its branches.

Bring to life a classic scene from the 1963 fantasy adventure, Jason and the Argonauts. This seminal film, inspired by the ancient Greek myth, features some of legendary animator Ray Harryhausen's greatest monsters, not least of which is the seven headed serpent, the Hydra, who guards the golden fleece. Jason's encounter with this iconic foe is fondly recreated in this proposed set, which also includes the fleece itself. A prize worthy of Jason himself, this set would be a must-have for fans of LEGO and Ray Harryhausen alike.

  • Includes 3 minifigures: Jason, Medea, and Acastus.
  • Trap Acastus in the grip of the Hydra's two-pronged tail!
  • Remove the Golden Fleece from the tree.
  • Hydra measures over 41 cm (16 inches) long when fully extended.
  • Approximately 540 pieces.

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