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Scrooge McDuck's Money Bin


New traps inside!

In the last update I added a piggy bank feature next to the vault. As not everyone might use this, I added a new trap that can be placed inside the part of the Money Bin where the piggy bank would be.

There's a (functional) canon mounted to the ceiling and nails are placed all over the floor to defend burglars. If the Beagle Boys break in there, you're now ready to give them a warm welcome!





New Traps inside + Piggy Bank Feature

After some time I'm back with another update for you:

I added a removable part at the backside so that you can turn your Money Bin into a piggy bank / money box:

The coins fall into a separate section of the vault that can be opened separately:



Magica De Spell Minifigure-Concept

With the help of @Classic-Space-Fan I had this concept for a Magica De Spell minifigure ready for a while and want to share it with you now:

I hope you like it as much as we do! :)


We reached 1000 Supporters!

A huge "THANK YOU!" to everyone who supported this project so far!  I really appreciate that you all like my model that much! :)


With 182 addidional days, I hope we can also reach the next milestones of 5k and 10k! Feel free to share the IDEAS project to get more supporters and increase the chances that the Money Bin goes into an official LEGO review!


Further updates coming soon! ;)


The Beagle Boys try to break in

Including the custom Beagle Boys minifigures (see Update 1), I added a new scene and feature to the model:

Will the Beagle Boys manage to break into the Money Bin? If you pull the string, you can blast a hole into the outer wall with the Beagle Boy's dynamite. But what will the burglars see when they enter the Money Bin? Stay tuned for the next update to find out!

One again huge thanks to @Classic-Space-Fan who provided me his design for the Beagle Boy minifigures!


Trapdoor for thieves and begging nephews

I added a trapdoor to Scrooge's office, right in front of his desk, to get rid of everyone who wants his money.

By pulling the axle on the left side of the Money Bin the trapdoor swings open and whoever stands on it falls down a slide and rushes out of the building through a swing door.



Custom Beagle Boy Minifigure

Great shoutout to user @Classic-Space-Fan who designed this amazing Beagle Boy minifigure for me yesterday!

He's currently working on a way to import the prints to so that the minifigures can be integrated into the model!

(Maybe this has something to do with an update that's in planning? ;)



Thank you for 500 supporters!

A huge "Thank you!" to everyone who supported my project so far! I didn't think that it could reach 500 supporters so quickly!

In the meantime, I built Donald's 313 so he can drive to you and say thank you, too. :)


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