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Scrooge McDuck's Money Bin


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Welcome to Duckburg!

Visit Uncle Scrooge's famous Money Bin with this fantastic set! You can either help Scrooge McDuck with the paperwork in his office or relax while swimming in all the money.

But be careful, the bad guys are already on their way!
Use the cannon to prevent the Beagle Boys from stealing all the money and don't let Magica de Spell get Uncle Scrooge's Number One Dime!
But don't disturb Uncle Scrooge while he spends time thinking about his problems in his "Worry Room".

The roof and the first floor are detachable to get a look into the Money Bin. The rear walls can also be folded out to play inside the building.

Includes some pictures of Scrooge's adventures while gold prospecting in the Klondike and a safe with a movable door. The model contains 2642 parts.

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