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CAT D9 Bulldozer



This Technic project represents my work at recreating the CAT D9 Bulldozer, one of the largest of CAT's dozers. It was built with two purposes in mind: to perform all the excepted functions, and to look good doing so!


It features all these remote controlled functions:

  1. 2 x L-motor drive with treads, for high torque
  2. 1 x M-motor rear ripper, powerful enough to lift model
  3. 1 x M-motor front blade, powerful enough to lift model, with clutch for safe playing
  4. 2 pair LED headlights with hidden switch

It also features:

  1. Lithium-iuon battery box
  2. compact build
  3. detailed cabin
  4. studless build for maximum resistance and playability


is a link to a video appearance of the model, showcasing all the functions. Here is a link to pics.

I hope you all enjoy this model as much as I did building it!

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