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Easy Play Trains


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Easy Play Trains 

This is a fun, desktop-style system that incorporates LEGO bricks with the joyful memories of tiny wooden train sets. I love building and playing with the LEGO City and Creator trains, as well as making my own, but I have felt the need for a less expensive solution that still is as entertaining. With the small size of the Easy Play Trains set there can be fun anywhere in the home or even on the office desk!   

Set includes:

Four Locomotives: 

  • A small blue steam engine 
  • A larger green steam engine with tender
  • A yellow and grey diesel
  • An orange and green and yellow diesel

One large freight train with:

  • Two tanker cars (black and white tanks) 
  • One box car
  • A double flat car
  • A coal car
  • An automobile car

One small freight train with:

  • Four small freight cars
  • A caboose

One Passenger Train with:

  • Six Coaches

A miniature train station with details like:

  • Large clock on the front
  • Small clock on the platform
  • Handrails going up the ramps
  • Golden Statue on top
  • A set of mini railroad tracks

A wooden bridge including:

  • Water
  • Six trees
  • A set of mini railroad tracks for the bridge
  • A set of mini railroad tracks with hing pieces for inclines

An overhead Cargo Crane with:

  • Functioning movement
  • Functioning cargo claw
  • A mini railroad track piece

And a coal bin that dumps coal into the coal car, also has one mini railroad track piece. 

Besides the train station, the bridge, the cargo crane, and the coal bin, there are eight mini straight railroad tracks and 12 mini curved track pieces.

  • Note:The mini straight railroad tracks are custom built with already existing LEGO bricks, and when mentioned they are considered as one piece, not an average of six. There are currently no pre-made versions to fit with the connectors on the curve track pieces, so the set can be made without new straight tracks, but extra connector pieces would need to be included in the set for more customized experience. I personally recommend a new part for this issue, and that way there can be less bricks included in the set, but I understand that may not happen.  

Thank you so much for your support! I hope we can bring back the small time fun that is becoming overlooked! Happy Building!


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