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Easy Play Trains


In ashes, the phoenix will rise!


Hello everyone!

I first want to thank all of you for your support! This was a fun and exciting project and it was a pleasure to ride along with you!

It is sad to see our experience fall short, but with any end there can be a new beginning!  With that, I want to announce that I will reintroduce Easy Play Trains sometime in the next few months, probably with a new name and using less pieces, but keeping the same idea.

I want you to know I am thankful for what you have given me during this time, the feeling of acceptance, the joy of new support, and the thrill of accomplishment! It's thanks to you I even got this far!

I want to know what you liked and what improvements should be made to the set, that way I can have info to think about and apply in the future. And don't forget about the changes and additional ideas I posted in the updates; I am happy to consider ideas with those too! :)

Keep going and building your dreams! There is more to a LEGO brick than just a children's toy, it's a passion that creates our ideas and feelings into something the world can see and know. No matter how many we own, or what age we are, I believe they can bring out the best talents within, and the should be shown to the world as testament of our desires to be better than who we are!

Thank you, and I hope you will find success in your ideas, and happy building!







100 Supporters! Woohoo!

 Hey everyone, just reached an awesome milestone in my project! Though it doesn't look like much I do believe that there is still time for my project to reach the first official Idea milestone!  Thank you all, I couldn't have done it without you!


Happy building!



A tiny request

Thanks everyone who has supported me so far and for  all your comments, it makes me feel wonderful to know that there are other people who like my idea! I know this is not required for any of you, but I think I'm going to need some more help if this idea will get off the ground at all. Humbly I ask if anyone watching this project or who has and will support it would share it with people you know who can support it? My social media friends list is a good size, but I don't know anyone who is passionate enough to have a LEGO account and thus be able to support this idea. If this request is not allowed then you may ignore it and move on with your lives, but I would be so grateful if any of you who has had success with using social media could give a helping hand.

All of you rock no matter what! And keep bricking!



Upgrades and Additions

I have taken some time to add new Locomotives and cars to give more variety and choices. I also wanted to show how the trucks rotate on the curves, which couldn't have happened at a more perfect time, since I needed to work on the tanker cars and make them look a bit nicer. The Old Western Locomotive was inspired by the new LEGO Dimensions level pack with Doc Brown and his time machine train, I wanted to have something of the same caliber, although, the Doc Brown train is the perfect size to work with the Easy Play Trains set! The Open Freight Wagon is largely based off of the LEGO My own Trains set with the same name. I just wanted add the Bullet Train. :)

Happy Building!  


Naming Mistake

Hi everyone! Thank you for the support you've shown for my project, I am glad to so many people show interest in my Easy Play Trains idea! There is, however, an unfortunate error in my choice of name for this set. Fisher-Price has a product line called EZ Play Railway, and even though the name isn't exactly the same as mine, I am unsure if this will create problems in the future. I say this because I want to apologize for any confusion in the future if I do have to create a new name. On a positive note, that would also mean I would have gained enough support for anyone to care about such an issue! :) All of you are the best! Keep dreaming and Building!     -Venan15




More photos are in.

Look below, and sorry, I expected that you could click and enlarge them like on the main screen.


More full views

here are more photo's to help get the idea of what the set has to offer.

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