Product Idea

RC Tracked Vehicle



These are a selection of images from when I was able to test out my model outside in an environment that typically isn't suited to Lego models. These images where taken along South Queensferry near the fourth road rail bridge, where I have some videos of the model working here (and another outdoor area) where it seemed to perform  well. The terrain it was tested on was largely made of small/large stones and a mixture of thick and thin seaweed that the model was able to drive through/across, as well as a mixture of wet grass, stone steps and cobblestone styled jetty (will be shown in a future update).

New featrues


Here is the first update for my model after making some minor adjustments, these include:

  • Attaching a plate on the underside that provides additional protection but can be removed when access is needed.
  • Attached the power switch to the front right light to allow easier turning on/off.

The plate on the underside is attached to the front folding panel by two technic pieces (with blue pins as shown in one of the pictures) and by a black pin on each side that can be pulled out (next to the red pin underneath the power switch). Also there a picture to show the location of the battery box and the mounting it is attached to.