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RC Tracked Vehicle


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My design for a Lego technic set that is designed to be radio controlled and works well on most common surfaces (floors, carpets, etc.) with a sturdy build that allows for rough handling. The loose panels are all connected in a simple style with only a few connections, and can be easily opened up to show the interior as well as replacing the battery box.


  • skid steer control
  • power functions with lights
  • hidden yet easy to detach battery box
  • opens up to revel the interior
  • piston engine connected to the tracks

M0del dimensions:

  • Length- 26.0cm
  • Width-15.5cm
  • Height-15.0cm


I believe this set would appeal to those that like Lego technic builds but do not want a model that has already been designed (such as cranes, diggers, bulldozers, cars), as this model is more based on tracked tractors. Another feature of this set (as shown in one of the pictures) is that if needed, the controller can be directly attached to the front of the model for storage by only moving two parts and not having to detach anything.

Thank you for reading and support is greatly appreciated.

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