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Voith Gravita BR-261

Voith Gravita BR261 is a diesel locomotive originating in Germany, and can also meet it in Norway and Sweden.

This model can be controlled by the application, and it contains one technic hub. It is powered by two XL motors and one L motor for steering. The train chassis is not classic, but car wheels are used, so it can be used off-track. Both rear axles are used for propulsion and two front axles for steering. The model contains a fake 12V motor with connected ventilation in the front, which rotates during movement. At the front and rear, there are yellow drawbars for connecting other wagons, which are controlled manually by a black wheel at the stairs on both sides. Another function is to open the side doors of the engine, which is controlled by a black wheel on the cab roof. The last important function is to open the rear roof door, allowing access to the hub's button technicians. The model has a lot of details, including the equipped cabin interior and opening mini doors in the front and rear of the train. The body of the train is quite easy to remove, and it is possible to see the details of the interior.

The technical data of the model:

  • Length: 70 cm (80 cm with folded drawbars)
  • Width: 17 cm
  • Height: 22 cm
  • Weight approx.: 2.6 kg
  • I can't count the number of pieces, but I'm sure there are at least 2,500 pieces
  • Likewise, I can't say exactly the time spent on construction, but I estimate it to be around 3 months, even with breaks

I think it could be a great LEGO set, and I hope you like this model. Thank you for support.

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