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International Space Station


BEAM me up!

For those who don't know, this might be a spoiler: Later this year, there will be some rearrangement of the ISS modules: Leonardo PMM will be connected to the Tranquility module as well as the new BEAM module. PMA3 will be moved to the Harmony node.

This is how my model will look like afterwards:


9000 votes and counting!

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Thanks everybody! This is going hilariously! I declare the final spurt open!


Presenting my models at ESA's European Astronaut Center

I had the honor of presenting my space models at @SpaceUpCologne (#SpaceUpCGN) last weekend.

Watch it at YouTube


7000 votes and counting

Top 2 in "popular this week"
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You guys are great! All of you! Thanks so much. Nice work so far!


6000 votes and counting

Currently this on is on top 3 of this weeks most supported and on top 16 most voted all together!
This is great news!!

Everybody, please spread the word about it! 
There are only 42 days left - let's make them count!


Official Comment from LEGO Ideas!

The LEGO ideas team says: "This space station is out of this world! ... Now it's time to ignite those thrusters, rally your audience, and make that final push to 10,000 supporters!"

I say: "Let's do this! Who is with me?"

Spread the word about this Project and together we can make it real!


Everything is modular

...and awesome!

Presenting the Gallery in the "Hall of Space". All these little ISS-modules fit so perfectly on their stand, it's almost tempting to just put them on display like this:


4488 votes

4488 votes for my LEGO ISS! Neat. I think that can be more, don't you?

New strech-goal: Let's hit 5000! 

Spread the word - together we can make it!

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