Product Idea |

Polar Express


The Polar Express is designed to have the Lego Power Functions for kids to play with it. So the first thing it needs, is the functions and the remote controler. Starting from the front of the locomotive to the ending caboose are stickers that are needed. The first, sticker is the engine's number (1225) that goes on both sides of the cab.  Next, are the controls within the cab which also need stickers. After that the tender must have, in big font, the engine's name on the sides. Then on the middle coach, the same as the tender, put the name of the engine, except in a smaller font. Finally, on the caboose there is a little red sign at the very back, where there are suposed to be the letters P and E over lapping each other. Also if it is possible, the golden tickets of the childen should have the design from the movie.