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RC Hot Rod Racer


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The Remote Control Hot Rod racer

My idea for this set was to create a Lego Technic off-road hot rod with lime green wheels and fiery colours. The model features front suspension and fully                       remote controlled steering and acceleration, not forgetting the classic, big and powerful Hot Rod engine.

Includes: 2 x motors, 1 x battery box, 1 x IR receiver and 1 x IR remote. 


The battery box is easily accessible through pulling out two pins at the back in order to lift open the roof.(see image) Once all plugged in the IR receiver is neatly underneath the bonnet so that you can't see it at all. The on/off switch is on the bottom left side of the car, a very convenient place as it is hidden and easy to flick on. 

If you ever need to transport the model you can place the remote in the back of the car. The handle will fold back down and secure it in place. (as seen in image) In addition to transport this function is good for display as well.

I think that the model appeals to many ages, kids will want to drive it and on the other hand adults will want to display it.


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