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LEGO Technic Extreme Fairground Ride

This idea is based on the ‘extreme’ fairground ride where passengers in each car experience a near 360 degree ride with the cars rotating both horizontally as well as vertically, while the main arms also rotate around the center.
Rather than create a very large highly detailed 2000+ piece model, I simplified various attempts as much as possible while still keeping the essence of the ride in order to keep the piece count to around 600 for a medium Technic set price range.
Even so, this is still a complex model with around 55 gears, as I have included a red clutch lever which can be flipped ‘up’ to rotate cars vertically ‘up’, or ‘down’ to rotate cars ‘down’, or to middle ‘neutral’ when either extreme is reached and only horizontal rotation is required.


The whole model is powered by an X Large ‘power function’ motor in the base, but would be replaced by a ‘powered up’ motor which would allow for a more controlled slower ride. A second powered up medium motor could also provide a ‘timed’ automatic clutch to prevent extremes being exceeded, allowing the model to be programmed like the real fairground ride for hands-free display.

Overall, I hope this idea offers something completely new and challenging in Technic, while still allowing a lot of fun watching 24 mini-figures becoming queasy.

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