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King Kong (1933)


Updated Look

All previous Images are broken so here they are again.

Updated Kong



















Carl Denham's Camera

Carl Denham's new camera up close.

Fun fact 5#: Behind the scenes of the film, the Mitchell Standard Camera was used.


Big Update

The wall has been redesigned with lower peices by remaking most of it with plate pieces. The pieces could be further toned down by simplfing the surface of the gate. But I changed it and left it detailed to show the best result.

The scaffolding ladders have been placed onto the wall itself. It was a bit odd and simplified before being on itself so I incorporated into the main peice while reducing a lot of peice count. As it has now become more of a detailed extension than a building of it's own.

At the spot of the previous pillars I have added a ruined down temple archway based-off reference images.

A collapsing cave peice has been added to the side of the ravine which makes the set look much bigger while adding play features (collapsing pillars and cave roof). Which allows you to play out the events of the second movie. You can see one of the pillars falling below. (You would have to tip both of them to collapse the roof). Support back peices help hold up the facade of the temple entrance.


The golden detail below the gong on both sides of the wall has been designed as a decal/print onto several plate and tile bricks. Reducing the peice count further as the details were potrayed with parts previously.




Skull island wall  =1920, total = - 2999



Skull island wall + camera = 1771, total = 2890


Fun fact 4#: Some of the plants represented in the set and minature set jungles of the film included: Genista shribs hat were wired onto branches, succulents, grape roots, primrose, palm fronds, desert shrubs.

Others were sculpted in plastacine over wood and wire. Then covered with toilet tissue and covered in shellac resin before being finally painted.



Another Meat Eater Update

Found some even better bricks to portray the face of the creature in the film. So here it is. The main part that has been improved is the brow. The eyes have been brought further down the snout also to better portray the classic look.

Fun fact 3#: The director refered to it as an allosaurus yet Willis Obrien the animator and Marcel Delgado the model maker refered to it as a Trex.


Trex/Allosaurus Update

Updated the head of the carnivore.

Fun fact 2#: In the film. The beast has 3 fingers on it's hand. Making people debate what it was. In the 2005 remake it was developed into an evolved trex and given the name Vastatosaurus rex, vrex, ravager lizard king. In the script of this 1933 version, it is only refered to as Meat-Eater.


Kong Update

New toes, but much more important the face has been given a remodel and decaling!

Fun fact 1#: King Kong 1933 is Lord of the Rings/King Kong 2005 director Peter Jackson's Favourite film! (Also Mine)


King Kong Tweak Update

New Chest, Shoulders  + added toes to the feet.


A Better Look at the Minifigures



From left to right: Ann Darrow, John Driscoll, Carl Denham, Capt. Englehorn, Native, Native Chief

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